June was once the pinocle of Wedding Season, but now September and October have taken the reins. With their rich earthy tones, warm comfort food and a chill in the air, more people flock to the Fall for their big day.

Maybe it’s just me, but I still think June has something special to offer. The air still carries a small chill from Spring, so evenings aren’t too warm. The flowers have wonderful pinks and blues to add a pop of color. A nice breeze comes rolling off the water continuously until mid-July. The grass is still lush from the Spring rains and gives a bright green backdrop to any outdoor event. The bugs are still figuring out its warm enough to come out and don’t quite become bothersome until July. Unfortunately for outdoor weddings, rain is always a concern, but June is usually out of the Spring rain and into drought season.

I have absolutely nothing against Fall, but June has quite a bit to offer too. If you’re struggling to find space for a September / October event, maybe consider June again – it might surprise you.

The pendulum of wedding season trends will continue to swing, but I think my heart will always be set on June.